What is Compounding?

Compounding is the manipulation of a drug to make a different drug to meet the needs of a specific patient or client. Manipulation may include mixing, diluting, concentrating, flavoring, or changing a drug's dosage form to accommodate a specific patient or clients need. We can eliminate preservatives too.

Dosage forms available:

  • Liquids - can be solutions, suspensions, emulsions
  • Suppositories/Rectal Rockets - can be used for patients with a problem swallowing or for localized effects
  • Troches (Lozenges) - can be compounded in a variety of flavors for patients with swallowing difficulty or for localized effects
  • Capsules
  • Sterile Opthalmics solutions (using aseptic technique)
  • Otic solutions or suspensions
  • Topical Medications
  • Transdermal medications
  • Sprays & Powders
  • Urethral inserts
  • Vaginal creams & suppositories
  • Sugar Free formulas
  • Preservative Free formulations
  • Nasal sprays & solutions
  • Sterile Injectables
  • Lip balms