Prescription Services

The center piece of all Meche's drug stores is the accurate, prompt, friendly and courteous fulfillment of your prescription order.  We understand that many times when you have a prescription to be filled, you just want to get your medication quickly and get on your way to recovery.  That is the reason that all of our people focus on filling your order promptly, rather than expecting you to wander around a giant sized store for an hour or more while you or a family member is ill.


All of our stores accept most insurance plans and prescription benefits.  It costs you no more to get our "family service"!


For your refill orders, we offer you many choices:

  • Bring your bottle in or just stop in and ask for a refill.  Your refill will be handled promptly while you enjoy a refreshing, free cup of our delicious coffee.
  • Call your refill in by telephone.  During stores hours our friendly staff will take your order.  After hours, our customer-friendly computer will take over and we will have it filled by early the next business day.
  • And coming soon, you can order your refills from the comfort of your home (or anywhere in the world) on your personal computer or smart phone. All safe and secure, friendly and prompt!