How do I sign up for Web access?

Click on the pharmacy location where you pick up your prescriptions. 

When the Online Refill page opens, click on the "Create Account" button. 

Fill out all the fields on the

form.  If you would like to access a spouse or children from this account, please check the appropriate boxes.


Click the "Create Account" button.


You can immediately log into your web account, however, you cannot access prescription profile information or request refills until the acccount has been approved by the pharmacy.


For full access, which includes viewing and printing  prescription profiles for you and your family, you must complete the Online Profile and Refill System Enrollment Form and present it in person with picture ID at the pharmacy where your prescriptions are filled.  This is to insure the privacy of yours and all of our customers records.


To download and print the enrollment form, click here.  You may also pick up a copy at the pharmacy where your prescriptions are filled.


Thank you for using our Online Refill Service!