How Online Refill Works on Your Mobile Device

Ordering refills from your mobile device is quite simple.  Before you begin, just have the prescription numbers available for the medication that you wish to reorder.

1) On the Home Screen on your mobile device, tap the 'Rx 2 Go' icon.

2) The very first time that the Rx 2 Go app is used, a completely unfilled form shows on your screen.  If you have used the app before on the device, please skip forward to step 8.

3) Type the last name of the individual for which the prescription was originally filled in the top box of the form, followed by the 6-digit prescription number for the medication that you wish to reorder.  Double check the spelling of the name and the accuracy of the prescription number.  If the prescription is for another family member with a last name different than yours, enter that individual's last name.

Tap on the button indicating how you wish to receive the refill, the tap "Submit Refills".

4) Tap on "Find Pharmacy".

5) A list of nearby pharmacies will appear on your mobile device display.  Tap on the pharmacy where the prescription that you wish to reorder was last filled.

6) A full screen display for the pharmacy that you selected appears on your mobile device.  To avoid this search step on future visits, simply tap on "Save as Favorite" to remember this selection.  Notice that a "Call" button is conveniently located on this screen to connect you with a "live person" during business hours.

7) Tap on the "Refill Rx" button at the lower right of the screen.

8) With the last name, prescription number, method of delivery and pharmacy location showing on your device screen, tap on the "Submit Refills" button.

9) That's it!  Your refill order is complete.  Your pharmacy has your order successfully recorded and it will be ready soon during business hours!

10) In the event that you see the red "invalid" display, there are three possible conditions: a) the number is not on file at the pharmacy; b) the name on the screen does not match the name on the pharmacy's records; c) the prescription was last filled at a pharmacy location other that the one showing on the screen of your mobile device.

Thanks for using our Mobile Online Refill !